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Essay Types and Formats

Essay is common type of assignment given to students whether sitting on high schools or universities. One of the challenging essays to make is argumentative essay. Argumentative essay is an essay where the writer is expected to make the reader or the audience to agree his/her essay content. There are two things in argumentative essay content that a writer should include in his/her essays that are strength and weakness of every point included. By including those two, the audience can see the weakness of each point and also the strength point where they have to agree with the writer. In argumentative essay, a writer must know very well the weakness of his/her topic and tell them in the beginning to arouse the audience’s attention and make the audience agree about the weakness. After that, turn-back the weakness to strength of the topic by explaining to audience in a logical way and cover-up all the weakness. By doing so, audience will have no more debate on your topic because you already written down all the agreeable facts and disagreeable facts. 

Different with argumentative essay which explore the strength and weakness of its topics, persuasive essay requires intriguing topics. As from the name “persuasive”, it means that the writer must persuade the audience from the beginning until the end of the essay. Persuasive essay topics must be interesting and it reveals the current issues in the society. The information in persuasive essay must be well-updated since reader or audience like up-dated essay. Deciding persuasive essay topics is not that simple moreover if you have to explain the topics through out the content. The analogy is like this that persuasive essay is like a salesman which its function is to persuade people to read. And to decide persuasive essay topics and expand it into essay, the writer must have persuasive writing skill (salesman skill).

In writing essay, there are two essay formats that can be followed that are the general format and the professional format. The general essay format has introduction section followed by body section and ends with conclusion. While the professional essay format has introduction, thesis statement, body, conclusion and references. The differences of the professional essay format and the general format are on the thesis statement and the references. Reference is the most important part because professional essay must be supported with supporting facts from other sources to make the essay more credible.

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